Some people tend to use a unique wedding idea because they want to have an extraordinary wedding celebration. They will also decorate their wedding ceremony with some unique ornaments and decorations so that all guests will enjoy this extraordinary wedding ceremony. One of the unique wedding ideas is peacock wedding ideas. You will look like a peacock queen in your own wedding ceremony. It is so great, isn’t it?

By using these peacock wedding ideas, you should wear a peacock wedding dress, ornaments, and decoration in your wedding ceremony. You can put a big peacock ornament in the middle of the room so that all guests can see the beautiful peacock ornament in your wedding ceremony. In addition, you can also decorate the room with colorful peacock feathers in order to make your wedding ceremony look more colorful and elegant.

Purple peacock wedding is one of the unique ideas for your wedding celebration. By wearing a purple wedding dress, you will look more glamour and elegant. You can beautify your hair by putting a peacock feather on your hair so that you will look like queen peacock. Furthermore, you can decorate every table with the peacock feathers. You can also combine it with some blue and purple roses. These peacock wedding ideas will beautify your wedding celebration.

If you like green color and want to use this color as the main color of your wedding celebration, you can use green peacock wedding. By using this wedding idea, you can wear a dark green wedding dress and combine it with light green heels. After that, you can decorate your hair with green peacock feather. You will look like a green peacock in your own wedding celebration. Furthermore, you can decorate your wedding celebration with green roses and combine it with green peacock feather. These peacock wedding ideaswill make your wedding perfect.

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7 Photos of the Peacock Wedding Ideas: Purple and Elegant

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